Ricky Dacosta

Wealth Advisor

Ricky has been working in the financial industry for over 12 years, distinguishing himself as a Vice President, leading a team of advisors, and as a Wealth Manager.  His passion is to advocate for the financial well-being of each of our clients through a holistic and comprehensive financial planning process. 

Ricky earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Maryland University, while being a part of the Maryland football team.  Since then, he has attained his Series 6, 7, 24, 51, 63, and 66 FINRA licenses held through LPL Financial, as well as his Life Insurance license.

Ricky has two beautiful daughters and enjoys spending time with his family.  He grew up in New York City and now lives in New Jersey with his family.

Rose Neidermeyer

Client Relations Manager

Rose has been working in the financial industry for over 5 years and has been part of Ricardo’s team for the duration of that time. As the Client Relationship Manager at Align Wealth Group, Rose believes that personalized service and open communication is not only essential, but paramount in importance when matching clients with the appropriate financial products and services. 

Rose earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics at Villanova University. After graduating, she realized her interest had shifted to finance and from there attained her FINRA Series 6, 7, 24, 26, 51, 63, and 65 registrations held through LPL Financial and Life License in the financial world.

Rose is a lifelong resident of New Jersey, and outside of the office enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and going to the beach.

Joe Zito

Operations Manager

Joe has been working in the Financial Services industry for over 7 years.  He applies his knowledge to help make sure that our clients are provided with the best service possible.  Joe serves as the Operations Manager of the office, assisting with marketing and trading, while providing support to Ricardo Dacosta.  

Prior to Align Wealth Group, he worked as a Regional Training Specialist for Cetera Investors, dedicating his efforts to hundreds of advisors.  

He graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and has attained his Series 6, 7, 24, 26, 51, 63, and 65 FINRA licenses held through LPL Financial, as well as Life & Health Insurance licenses.  When not working, Joe likes to spend time with his family, his dog, and enjoys doing different sporting activities.

Barry Kay

Wealth Advisor

Barry has been working in the financial services industry since 2009, where he started his career as an advisor with First Investors. He has attained his series 6, 7, 63, and 65 FINRA licenses held through LPL Financial.

Barry feels it is of utmost importance to advise clients based on their financial goals and needs. Helping investors’ with their wealth and assets through proper guidance, education, and diversification is his main mission as a Wealth Manager. Client service is extremely important, in good times, but especially when the market declines.

Barry currently calls Westfield, NJ home and lives with his wife Lindsay, and their children Bryce and Mackenzie. He loves spending his free time with the kids, whether it is playing sports, going on bike rides, or just creating havoc in the backyard.

Diane DiBraccio

Wealth Advisor

Diane is a skilled LPL Financial Advisor who graduated from Rutgers Business School in 2018 with a degree in Finance. Shortly after graduation, Diane attained her series 6,7,63, and 65 held through LPL Financial allowing her to act as a fiduciary for her advisory clients.

Ever since her graduation, she has been passionate about helping individuals and businesses make smart financial decisions. She has dedicated her career to providing top-notch financial services and has become a valuable asset in the field.

With Diane’s extensive knowledge of finance and investments, she has helped numerous clients navigate complex financial challenges as they pursued their goals. Her experience in financial planning, risk management, and investment strategies has earned her a reputation as a valued advisor.

In addition to her financial expertise, Diane is known for her exceptional customer service skills. She takes the time to listen to her clients’ needs and goals and provide tailored strategies to address those needs.

Outside of the office, Diane has a passion for outdoor activities, particularly snowboarding and golf. She loves to hit the slopes during the winter months and spend as much time as possible on the golf course during the summer.
In addition to her love of outdoor sports, Diane enjoys spending time with her nephews. She believes that family is an essential part of life and cherishes the moments she gets to spend with her loved ones.

Diane currently resides in the vibrant city of Hoboken, where she is an active member of the community. She enjoys exploring the city’s many restaurants, shops, and parks and believes that Hoboken is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. 

Richard J. Auteri II

Wealth Advisor

Rick has been a Financial Advisor for over 10 years. He loves helping his clients to better their overall financial situations and futures by creating thorough game-plans to navigate the uncertainty of life and the financial markets. Rick received his bachelor’s degree from Kean University in 2010. Before joining Align Wealth Group, he began his career with First Investors in 2011. Almost immediately, First Investors was purchased by Foresters Financial, where he worked until 2019. Cetera purchased the Foresters Financial Advisors in 2019 and that is where he resided until making the decision to branch out and become a founding partner of Align Wealth Group, through LPL Financial. Rick currently calls East Brunswick, New Jersey home and lives with his wife of three years Erin, and their infant daughter Ava.

Olivia Grabowski

Director of Operations and Client Relations

Olivia has been a Director of Operations and Client Relations on Brian Wong’s team for over 5 years. She has been working with since she was a student at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. She graduated with a degree in Finance from the Rutgers Business School. Immediately following her graduation, she studied to earn her Series 7, 66, Life, and Health Licenses that she now holds through LPL Financial. Olivia directs business operations, manages client accounts, and is a client liaison. She loves what she does because she gets the opportunity to help clients pursue their financial goals for themselves and for their families, while building personal relationships along the way. Doing best by their investors is the philosophy of the Wong Team, which is what makes their client relationships so successful. Olivia spent the early years of her life in New York City and later moved to Bergen County, New Jersey with her family. Olivia's favorite thing to do is travel and explore the world around her. She can be found on the beach or enjoying time with family in Upstate NY.

Brian Wong

Wealth Advisor

Brian has served in the financial services industry since 2006 as an advisor throughout his career. He graduated from Towson University with a Business Management degree and shortly after attained his series 6, 7, 26, and 66 FINRA licenses held with LPL Financial as well as life insurance.

He is dedicated to his clients to deliver constructive comprehensive planning to help pursue their financial goals while passionate on building long-lasting relationships. He commits to his ability to provide financial solutions and maintaining exceptional service which is very important to his practice.

Brian resides in Rumson, NJ with his wife Ally, and their children Olivia and Kacey. He enjoys playing sports especially golf and basketball, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with his family. He also really wants to go to Augusta National to see the Masters.

James Ramentol

Wealth Advisor

James has been working in the financial services industry for over 8 years as a financial adviser and assisting other advisers as a manager. Over his career he has attained his Series 7, 6, 65, 63, and 26 FINRA licenses held through LPL Financial, as well as his Life and Health Insurance licenses. James received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from The Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech with a minor in History.

James recognizes that every person has a unique financial situation, and he prides himself on educating his clients in a way that they can understand their investment options and what it means to be financially confident. He strives to create long lasting client relationships by putting their interests and goals first.

James has called Hoboken, NJ home for the past 7 years. He enjoys spending his weekends with family and friends.

Jose Madera

Wealth Advisor

Jose has been in the financial services industry since 2011, where he began his career as an advisor with First Investors. He has since attained his series, 6, 7, 24, 26, 51, 63 and 65 FINRA licenses all held through LPL Financial. 

Jose earned his bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in 2009 and originally intended to attend law school before deciding to pivot towards the financial services industry, a decision he credits with changing both his and his client’s life for the better. Jose's main goal as a Financial Advisor is to serve as a resource to each and every one of his clients, especially when it comes to planning and saving for major goals, such as investing for retirement, education and other life events. Furthermore, Jose is also passionate about helping his clients protect their loved ones and their assets through the use of life insurance, legacy planning and wealth transfer strategies. Jose cares deeply for each and every one of his clients and their families and he believes that offering them great service and open communication is paramount to cultivating a long-lasting and successful client-advisor relationship. 

Jose has called Middlesex County NJ home his entire life and currently resides in Middlesex, NJ with his wife Dalissa and their daughter Victoria. When he's not focused on the wealth management of his clients' accounts, which is rare, he enjoys traveling, watching sports and most of all enjoying quality time with his family and loved ones.

Eugene Bozzo

LPL Wealth Advisor

For more than 13 years, Gene has been helping his clients finance their long- and short-term goals and helping them work to achieve a desired lifestyle utilizing tools for retirement planning, education, college savings, and income optimization.

Gene earned his degree in Marketing and Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Gene held positions as Marketing Director for Christian Dior and Brigade Brands for 15 years and then managing his own marketing firm called B-to-B Promotions for 20 years. As a Wealth Advisor he started with First Investors, which was purchased by Foresters, which was then purchased by Cetera Investors. Gene recently joined LPL Align Wealth Group in March 2023.

Gene enjoys spending time with his grandson, playing golf, and model railroading. He currently lives in Piscataway NJ with his wife Linda.

Greg Hall

LPL Investment Consultant

Greg has been working in the financial services industry since 2009, where he started his career as an advisor with First Investors.  He has attained his series 6 and 63 FINRA licenses, as well as life insurance license held through LPL Financial.

Greg earned his degree in Business from Ohio University. After graduation, Greg worked with a computer reseller, where he helped people with their computer needs.  After working there for almost 10 years he decided a career change was needed.  He joined First Investors, as stated earlier, and enjoys helping his clients navigate difficult and complex financial challenges. He is dedicated to his clients and strives to provide comprehensive planning to help them reach their goals.

Greg enjoys spending time with his two dogs (Nala and Darby), playing golf, and watching hockey. He currently lives in Spotswood, NJ.